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Lab Test

Below are the laboratory results from the College of Science of the University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City.

Doctor’s case studies show that Boston-C Herbal Products can cure cancer

DR. GIL M. VICENTE, an ENT Surgeon and a Diplomate at the Philippine Board of Otolaryngology, a fellow at the PhilIppine Society of Oncologists and the International College of Surgeons, and the Cheif of the Rhinology Sections of the St. Luke’s Medical Center and Jose Reyes Medical Center, documented 24 cancer cases using Boston-C. Most of these cases had incomplete radiation therapy as well as chemotherapy. Four had surgery with residual turn. Some completed radiotherapy but had recurrence. TWO were virgin cases who did not want to undergo any of the above treatment. Below are four 

Case 1: Supraglottic Mass

  • CP< 54 yrs.old, female presented with feeling of a lump in the throat.
  • CT Scan and Endoscopy was done: Mass at the left Arythenoidal area.
  • Refused surgery or radiotheraphy
  • Lost to follow-up but came back to her ENT
  • Repeat CT Scan: Further increase in the size of the mass at the Supraglottis
  • Standard to take Boston-C
  • After one month of taking Boston-C, felt better.
  • Endoscopy was done which revealed absence of any lesion in the supreaglottis.
  • CT Scan: No mass noted.




Case 2: Lung Cancer

  • HN, 50 years old, female with difficulty of breathing.
  • Chest x-ray sone: reavealed an 8 x10 homogenous mass at the right lung
  • CT Scan: Confirmed this finding
  • Repeat x-ray: Clearing of the mass lesion
  • Started to take Boston-C
  • Given IV injection of the solution
  • Repeat x-ray done after 10 days revealed from start of intake of Boston-C
  • Moderate clearing of the mass.



Case 3: NPCa

  • EB, 43 years old female presented with Epistaxis.
  • Endoscopy showed nasophyryngeal Mass.
  • Biopsy revealed: Squamous Cell Carcenoma, Well differentiated.
  • Underwent Radiation Theraphy 70 GY for two months.
  • Still had tumor residual.
  • Started drinking Boston-C.
  • Together with daily nasal douche of the solution (Boston-C Cyeton-S)
  • Regression of tumor.
  • No recurrence for 6 months now.




Case 4: Maxillary Carcinoma

  • DA, 63 years olf, male with left maxillary swelling.
  • CT Scan: Maxillary Mass occupying entire antrum with extension to the pterygomaxillary fossa and partly to the infratemporal area.
  • Stage 4 lesion
  • Underwent debulking of the Maxillary mass leaving most lesion in the infratemporal area and pterygomaxillaru areas.
  • Had total Maxillectomy with Condylectomy plus selective neck dissection.
  • Had radiation Theray.
  • Had Chemotherapy (intra arterial)
  • Daily intake of Boston-C and frequent washing of the maxillary Antium with Cyeton-S
  • Follow-up CT Scan: Dissapearance of the mass lesion in the infratemporal fossa and pterygomaxillary area.
  • Biopsy: Negative for recurrence.
  • 12 month follow-up.

Please click this link: Medical Certificate of Daniel Asinas (Case 4 Maxillary Carcinoma)

All the case studies showed that Boston-C inhibited the proliferation of cancer cells, induces cell apoptosis, increases lipid peroxidation, and kills the cancer cells without harming the normal tissues.

Case 5: CT Scan of Noli Layosa



Multiple axial images of the head were obtained without intravenous contrast.


  • Malacic changes, right frontal lobe.
  • Infarcts both basal ganglia and right cerebellum.
  • Hyperdense nodule, left thalamus. Suggest contrast.
  • No CT evidence of acute intracranial hemorrhage
Please click this link: CT Scan of Noli Layosa ( Before)


Clinical Data: Diagnosed Case of left thalamic nodule. S/P Stereotactic radio surgery.


  • Mnterval Regression in size and enhancement of the left thalamic nodule
  • Hypodensities in deep periventricular white matter and both basal ganglia may be due to vasogenic edema (post-radiation changes?)

Please click this link: CT Scan of Noli Layosa ( After)