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>>I have found the best cure for stage IV bladder cancer not in my hometown Texas, USA but in far away country, the Philippines by just drinking BostonC – Katoni Herbs & Cyeton-S

Mr. Marlin Dean Thrasher, 70 Years Old, Texas, USA, Bladder Cancer survivor

The best known cure for cancer is surgery, chemo and radiation. But the side effects are unbearable and oftentimes deadly. The good effects are complete remission of cancer. Nevertheless, it offers temporary relief to some lucky patients. Sometimes, the remission can last for one year to 5 years or ten years or more especially if the cancer was diagnosed earlier. Nevertheless, if the cancer was diagnosed on the late stage especially if it is already metastatic, it becomes zero survival rates, only few lucky cancer patients may survive.

I am Mr. Dean Thrasher an American businessman from Texas, USA. I am already 70 years old. I was diagnosed 5 years ago with bladder stage IV cancer with 9 cm tumor. My nagging problem now was the cutting pain every time I pee! 90% of my pee were fresh blood. I have tried all the best pain killers available in Texas but they gave me just temporary relief.

After almost 3 months of unbearable pain and sleepless nights, I have finally consulted a surgeon in one medical hospital in Texas, He advised me to undergo surgery immediately to prevent the cancer from spreading to the liver, bone or the lungs. I told him besides, surgery, chemo and radiation are there no other approach, he could recommend. We have terrible experiences with chemo in the past. My father, my mother and our eldest sister have all undergone the chemo, though they enjoyed few years of remission, nevertheless, the cancer has eventually metastasis.

From the lung to the liver, bone and last the brain. A more high level chemo and radiation repeated 95 times nonstop for one year have told heavily on them. They eventually pass away one by one and now should I follow the same treatment?

I asked the doctor what are my chances of surviving this deadly disease. I got a negative answer. He only gave me at least 3 months to live without surgery or chemo. With surgery and chemo maybe a year of remission!

I search the internet for alternative cure I have stumbled upon a herb with scientific findings, its Boston-C in the Philippines. I called up an old friend a lady in Cebu to inquire about Boston-C. After I gathered all pertinent information. I decided to try the high level treatment. I met Sir Ton at the airport. He promises me nothing but just to try fast tract for 20 days. After a week of treatment I have notice some signs of recoveries. The pain in my groin has gradually subsided. There is less blood coming out of my bladder. I have also gain sleeps, eat with appetite. Sir Ton asks me if I was recovering, Do you think I’ll stay for one week in your clinic, if I was not getting better? The past 6 months in US was all hell to me. The 20 days was extended to 90 days there are no more blood in my urine, no more pain and the last abdominal CT scan reveal no tumor noted on the bladder. Thanks God I found the cure here in the Philippines.

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