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>>Chemo,Radiation,Transplant and Stem Cell Therapy

Posted by Sir Ton R. Agustin under Articles

Promises nothing but all false hope!

According to the latest research in cancer management in the US which was published in the daily newspapers about the bad impact of chemo, radiation transplant and stem cell treatment to cancer stage IV patients, t…

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>>Cancer Survivors Amazing Recoveries

Cancer Survivors Amazing Recoveries!


A laboratory test that was conducted in 2 medical centers in Asia have completely shown Boston-C Herbs were able to kill 50% of cancer Cells within…

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>>I have found the best cure for stage IV bladder cancer not in my hometown Texas, USA but in far away country, the Philippines by just drinking BostonC – Katoni Herbs & Cyeton-S

Mr. Marlin Dean Thrasher, 70 Years Old, Texas, USA, Bladder Cancer survivor

The best known cure for cancer is surgery, chemo and radiation. But the side effects are unbearable and oftentimes deadly. The good effects are complete remission of cancer. Nevertheless, it offers temporary relief to some …

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