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The stubborn cure for end stage prostate cancer metastasis to the bone without surgery and chemo is now a great probability!

Cancer Survivor Amazing Recoveries

 Mr. Perfecto Estocapio, 70 years old, Naguilian, La Union, Prostate Cancer Survivor

 Praise our Lord for such merciful act and thanks Boston-C more power and God bless!

Prostate cancer is one of the deadliest and fearsome cancer diseases in the world. There is no known cure. Surgery, chemo and radiation can momentarily alleviate a patient suffering unfortunately he will surely die a painful death.
Veterinary doctor Mr. Perfecto Estocapio age 70 of Naguilian, La Union was diagnosed with prostate cancer sometimes in 2008. Its stage IV said the oncologist. He was offered a surgery, chemo and radiation but he declined due to old age. By then, the patient was complaining of back pain as well as weaknesses in urinating. A surgeon has to insert a tube or hose to his penis to help out in urinating. And that is for life. A pain killer was to be taken when there is a pain to manage his PSE count was constantly monitored. The latest was 24 levels above normal. A bone scan was conducted to check why a back pain is recurring, the scan revealed metastatic bone cancer. The family was completely devastated.

We have enough funds but we don’t have the cure. He was only given at least 3 months to prepare for his ultimate destiny. The family have organized a nightly prayer while the daughter search the internet for clue and kept on praying until Boston-C herbs showed up in the screen. She felt goose pimple all over her body.

This is it the miracle we are waiting he whispered in silence. After the 20 days fast track treatment was over a repeats PSE tests showed a remarkable drop to only 12 levels. Another 20 days of high level treatment, the PSE drop further to 7 levels. A Bone Scan was repeated after another 20 days the result was amazing no bone metastasis was found. Today, Estocapio have gain weight considerably, he sleep soundly, eat voraciously, no more urinary bag to carry and the back pain gone forever.

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