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Surgery, Chemo and Radiation failed to cure my brain cancer

 Cancer Survivor Amazing Recoveries

Ezekiel Navarro, 14 y/o, Lingayen, Pangasinan, 8 years Brain CA survivor

Boston-C fast track healing cures my Brain Cancer! “Unbelievable but true”

I am Ezekiel Navarro, 14 years old from Lingayen Pangasinan. I was diagnosed with Brain cancer when I was just 6 years old. The nagging Headache was unbearable. I was vomiting every minute, I have blurred vision, also always dizzy and unable to move around. I have lost considerable weight and have few hours sleep.

My grandparents in the US shouldered my brain operation and radiotherapy. Nevertheless, after exactly 2 years of remission, my cancer has recurred. A 5 cm tumor was again seen in the same area. I was again experiencing the same episode of discomforts. A second surgery and stereotactic surgery was inevitable. After exactly 2 years of remission.

My headache came back, I could no longer see. I was completely paralyzed. Again I was brought to UST where I was operated twice. My surgeon eventually told us operation is no longer an option. He prescribed a pain killer, vitamins and full diet. Our treatment is no longer effective, he told to my parents. Only a big miracle from God can save the life of Ezekiel. Everybody in the family was crying when they’ve heard of the bad news. My son is still too young to die said the father, so they decided to see some faith healing only to be frustrated because the headache was too much to bear. They turned to a miraculous saint in Manaoag still nothing good happened. Until one day, someone told them about the fast track healing at Boston- C. Though skeptical the family decided to try better than doing nothing.

Sir Ton the inventor promises no cure. We have to rely from survivors who were lucky enough to have positive results from the fast track. The first treatment was not quite encouraging so with second and third treatment, there were no recoveries noted. The headache was still there. The patient was paralyzed and his vision impaired, can’t eat and restless. The family was unhappy about the result of the treatment. Sir Ton advised Ezekiel to continue drink for another 20 days which we did. It was my after the 20th days when the headache and all the discomfort suddenly disappeared. It was a delayed reaction sir Ton said. The good news was there were no recurrent noted ever since.

Ezekiel was already in his high school years.

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