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Failure in Canada, success in the Philippines

Cancer Survivor Amazing Recoveries

Ms. Daisy Alviar, 52 Years Old, Toronto, Canada, Vervical Cancer survivor

The biggest and most modern cancer center in Europe was in Canada. Cancer patients from all over the world have sought treatment in that country. They have employed some of the best trained medical oncologists to treat all kinds of cancer, what more can I ask? Nevertheless, they failed to cure my cancer.

I am Ms. Daisy Alviar of Toronto, Canada and Isabela, Philippines. I was diagnosed with stage IV cervical cancer way back in 2008. My surgeons have to remove a 9 cm X 12cm X 16 cm tumor in my cervix area. After 3 months of resting, I undergo 6 cycle chemo and 30 dose of radiation to control the cancer from further spilling. I got a remission of more than 3 years everything came to normal, everybody was happy to see me cancer free. Thanks to God for this blessing. I am again working, go shopping, dining and socializing.

I have forgotten everything about my cancer. My yearly check-up yields negative results. I am completely cancer free, in my fourth year check-up was a bad news. It appears I have a recurrent cancer. A new growth of 9cm tumor was again seen in my cervix. My oncologist put me again on 6 cycle of chemo and 30 dose of radiation. A stronger and more expensive chemo. Unfortunately, the result was not encouraging. The tumor size was cut down to 7 cm to my doctor’s frustrations. My oncologist told me we have to go higher, a more powerful 6 cycle of chemo, I rejected it because my body was terribly shaking. I’ll die of chemo, I thought we have the best cure for cancer here in Canada? What happened to our chemo session? I thought chemo is best cure for cancer. I have already 18 chemo and 60 dose of radiation, why is it that my tumor kept on coming back. Finally my oncologist confided to me, chemo and radiation are not a surefire cure for cancer. It can only prolong the life of a cancer patient. It has a good effect to some early stage cancer diseases but when it comes to end stage metastatic cancer, it will further complicate the condition of the patient. It should not be given to anyone because of its toxic effects is deadly. I believe what my oncologists have told me. She was the head of the oncology department, cancer is no longer stranger to her, but why did she not have told me before. I was expecting a complete cure because we have the best facilities for cancer patients and best doctors in Europe. Modern medicine has nothing yet to offer, only surgery, chemo, radiation, transplant or stem cell. She gave me at least 6 months to live! If there are no cures in Canada then where will I go? She eventually found a herbal cure in the Philippines, it’s Boston-C. A 90 days fast track healing at Tarlac City made the biggest difference. Everybody was discouraging me to try Boston-C, she all ignored them! Her conversation with lot of cancer survivor made her to try the accelerated treatment. The rest is history. She is back in Canada and re-united with her family. Thanks to Boston-C and to a co¬worker who told me about Boston-C fast Track treatment in the Philippines, “nasa Pilipinas lang pala ang gamot na magpapagaling sa akin”.

While cancer patients from different countries go to Canada, I am going to the Philippines to seek treatment. My 3 months of Fast track treatment was truly amazing. After the fast track treatment.

An abdominal CT scan showed a great reduction of 5 cm in tumor size. Also all the discomforts in my body were gone as well as my back pain, bleeding, loss of appetite, sleep disturbance, difficulty in breathing, walking and irritability. After the 90 days Fast Track treatment, a fast lab test, x-ray, blood test, abdominal CT scan eventually confirmed normal findings. Now, I can say, Boston-C cures my cancer. Thank you Lord, for guiding me to the ultimate cure!

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