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End stage Pancreatic Cancer Metastasis to the liver finally tamed by Boston-C fast track healing in just 60 days

Cancer Survivor Amazing Recoveries

Sir Ceferino Andallo, Vigan, Ilocos Sur, Pancreatic CA Survivor

Ceferino Andallo of Vigan, Ilocos sur was diagnosed with end stage pancreatic cancer met to the liver sometimes in year 2008. He thought it was just a simple case of stomach disorder and a shot of antacid the pain will just disappear. But after several months of taking antacid, the pain was getting worst. When he noticed that he almost lost 30 lbs. in just 3 months. He now suspected a more and deeper medical problem is causing the pain. True to his suspicion a CT scan confirmed, he has stage IV pancreatic cancer and a 5 cm tumor was also seen in the left liver lobe. “You got the deadliest type of cancer in the world” said his oncologist. It will not take longer than 6 months to survive this cancer.

Surgery, chemo or radiation as treatment maybe the only approach we have but sad to say no one of this treatment can tell of any single survivor. You must have heard or read in the newspapers about a prominent iPod inventor STEVE JOBS who inspite of the best treatment in USA failed to survive a deadly attack of pancreatic cancer.

Patrick Swazy the American actor got the cancer and died after 2 years of continuing treatment. Best actor Rudy Fernandez was also affected with pancreatic cancer. He too did not make it. Now in your case, only a miracle from the Almighty God can save your life!

Andallo cried like a child unashamedly in front of his family. He told them about his no cure cancer. For many months he decided to stay home, until one day he got hold of a daily news papers, he accidentally encountered. It was Sir Ton Ads about cancer cure. So Andallo submitted himself to a 60 days high level treatment. Then, God’s miracle came to him.

A cutting abdominal pain he was uncertainty complaining was the first one to disappear. His appetite came back after 6 months of suffering. He has sound sleep. The stress was down to normal. He was again lively. After 20 days of Fast track healing, the abdominal tests was conducted, the liver tumor completely gone, the liver became normal so with the pancreas. Everybody in the family was jumping and jumping. This is God’s miracle, Thank You Lord; you guided me to the hidden cure. Boston-C and Sir Ton who invented the miraculous herbs and to Dra, Farrah Agustin the attending Physician.

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