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Cure for stage IV Breast cancer met to the lungs and cervical bone finally discovered

Cancer Survivor Amazing Recoveries

Mrs. Pamela Baranda, Maryland, USA, Breast Cancer Metastasis to the lungs and cervical bone cancer survivor

“Cyeton-S, a wild Herbal drink invented by Sir Ton of Tarlac city, no doubt was solely responsible for my being cancer frees for almost 8 years now!

I am Mrs. Pamela G. Baranda , married, 64 years old of Maryland USA and Pasig City. I was diagnosed with stage III Breast Cancer way back in 2005. I opted to drink one bottle of Cyeton-S a day instead of undergoing surgery, chemo or radiation. I’ve been drinking Cyeton-S religiously for 5 years even when I was in Maryland, USA. Unfortunately I run out of stocks so I have to stop for almost 2 years. Back in the Philippines I immediately have a tumor marker tests and chest X-ray. Bad news, I have a recurrent breast cancer it metastasis to the lungs and cervical bone. A tumor with 5 cm was causing severe back pain. I also have tumor on the left lung and bilateral pleural effusion, I again turned down surgery and chemo.

I opted a fast track 90 days treatment at Boston-C clinic. Unfortunately my sister who was also suffering from Breast Cancer has undergone surgery, chemo and radiation. She kidded me: let us see which treatment is a better cure, a surgery, chemo and radiation or Boston-C, Cyeton-S Fast track treatment. Unfortunately for her, she did not make it. She eventually died while undergoing chemo. I am still alive healthy and strong. My last X-ray, CT scan and tumor marker tests, were all amazingly normal. The cervical bone tumors as well as the lung tumor were no longer seen in the last laboratory tests. I have also survived a scary 8 days comatose condition to the surprised of all my doctor and family.

Thanks to God for leading me to the right treatment, Cyeton-S and to the gifted inventor: Sir Ton of Tarlac City whose invention made me beat and conquers the BIG-C!

Sorry for those Breast Cancer patients who favored surgery, chemo and radiation like my sister.

Who ignored my warning about the deadly side effects of chemo, Please call in this nos. 0917-836-3642/0922-823-0246. Thank you very much.

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