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Fil Am Invades Boston-C Clinic

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Healing at Big -5 Rainforest Resort ideal for cancer patients. Glowing picture of cancer survivors who spent their 60 days High Level treatment inside the resort. From left is Mrs. Atendido, second is Sir Ton the inventor, third Ms.Daisy Alviar, Cervical CA, fourth is Mr. Tom Espiritu, fifth is Ms. Digna Robla, Breast Ca Survivor sixth is Ms. Delos Reyes, Cervical Met to the Lung Survivor. For reservation pls call these tel. nos.: (02) 725-4546 or 5469630 and/or mobile nos.: 0917-4851193 or 0922-6102387

What has motivated some of our cancer patients from the United States, Canada, Hongkong, and other countries to seek further cancer treatment here at Boston-C Clinic, Tarlac, Phils., instead of going to our well-known hospitals who can handle better and treat better our kababayan from abroad who are afflicted with dreadful diseases. They have only one amazing answer to that question. Do you think Mr. Ton Agustin that are treatment facilities and cancer experts in the USA, Canada. Hongkong are less inferior than the best hospital here in the Philippines? That is an insult to our intelligence to seek treatment to a third world country when we do have the best cancer center in the USA. Canada. or Hongkong. If and when our treatment for cancer failed in the USA, it’s the end of the world for us. Nevertheless we have to look for alternative medicines because the traditional approach like chemo, radiation, cobalt operation which are the first and last line of cancer treatment is no longer responding to our ailment. We are going back in the Philippines because our relatives told us that there is one exceptional and amazing herbs that have given them and their loveones extra years or life extension enjoying quality of life without all the discomforts they were into before taking the miraculous Boston-C herbs! Some cancer patients have successfully survived the terminal date of passing the world untimely.

We can only advise our rich fellowmen not to seek cancer cure abroad. It’s just a waste of money and time. If you are undergoing chemo, radiation, or try other traditional treatment, we suggest that you combine it with Katoni herbs plus Cyeton-S. Hopefully with God’s grace, you can save more, live more happily ever!

Listen to the frightening stories of terminally ill cancer patients about their face to face encounter with the Big C and the grueling treatments they went through with the deadly poison of chemo, radiation, cobalt, radio frequency ablation which their oncologists prescribed as the ultimate antidote to combat the growth of the deadly disease. There are dramatic remissions of cancer cells after the treatment is over. Amazingly our cancer patients are enjoying a year or two of cancer free moments but unfortunately it is not a complete cure. The ugly head of the monster cancer will reappear without warning. This time the cancer cells when detected are all over the body, to the frustrations of our cancer patients. Not even the introduction of higher level of chemo may be enough to contain the metastatic tumors from growing bigger. The side effects are frightening! It burns the skin black and blue. It sapped the patients’ energy. Most of them ended up thin to the bone, totally dehydrated, some with big protruding belly, full of toxic water. Most of them are pale looking, baldheaded, and lacking in blood, overstress, with sleep problem, hearing problem, weak voice, having daily seizures, whimpering, just waiting for their last breath to strike anytime. Only a miracle can save their lives. Until one day someone told them about the healing values of Boston C here in Tarlac City, Phils. Today after the 6 treatment is over at Big 5 Resorts, Sapang Tagalog, Tarlac City none of them went home frustrated. It was still our God’s plan for our brothers and sister to have a new leash of lives thru the healing powers of Boston-C Herbs. Please pass this vital information to all our love ones here and abroad. Thank you O Lord, thank you our God Almighty.

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