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Chemo, Radiation, Transplant and Stem Cell Therapy

Posted by Sir Ton R. Agustin under Articles

Promises nothing but all false hope!

According to the latest research in cancer management in the US which was published in the daily newspapers about the bad impact of chemo, radiation transplant and stem cell treatment to cancer stage IV patients, the survival rate was zero, there were some remission noted but ultimately the cancer have eventually recurred, and all patients have ultimately passed away.

Patients who have received an over dose of chemo, have shown and manifested horrible SIDE EFFECTS from severe vomiting, falling hair, dizziness, cutting pain, lost weight, drop in hemoglobin, pulmonary problems, kidney failure and many more deadly side effects.

Only a few lucky early stage cancer patients were able to withstand the unbeatable side effect of chemo and radiation. Ten out of ten cancer patients who simultaneously received a long treatment of chemo and radiation did not survived, to think that these well-known individuals were diagnosed to have an early stage of cancer. Surprisingly the treatment failed to arrest the growth of cancer cells and in a matter of time, the cancer become stage IV or end stage, no more cure. This bit of information were published in our leading newspapers about the untimely death of our fellowmen.


Case I
Steve Jobs
American Citizen
Pancreas Cancer
Met to the liver and lungs
Case II
Joe Frazer
American Citizen
Liver Cancer
Met to the lungs
Case III
Johnny Delgado
Case IV
Cory Aquino
Colon Cancer
Case V
Antonio I. Romualdez
Kidney Cancer
Filipino Citizen
Case VI
Miss Ester Lauder
Ovarian Cancer


Case VII
Joel Berden
Redford White
Liver Cancer
Case IX
Rudy Fernandez
Pancreatic Cancer
Met to the Liver
Lung, Brain & Bones
Case X
Iggy Arroyo
Liver Cirrhosis
Case XI
Raul Rocco
Prostate Cancer
Met to the Liver, Lung & Brain
Case XII
Heidi Yorac
Breast Cancer Met to the Lungs
Brain and Liver

Marilou Diaz Abaya
Breast Cancer
Case XIV
Bobby Parks
Laryngeal Cancer
Case XV
Charlie Davao
Liver Cancer
Case XVI
Francis Magalona
Acute Myelogenus Leukemia
Josephine Ramos
Lung Cancer
Patrick Swazee
Pacreatic Cancer



Out of the sixteen well known cancer patients, we have underscored to have received a complete cycle of chemo and radiation. It is sad to note that no one among them did luckily survived, to tell the whole world about the wonder of these dreadful anti-cancer treatments.

Common sense will tell us that it is rather a mistake if not suicidal for any cancer patient to follow the footsteps of our sixteen ill-fated cancer patients.

We highly respect the doctors’ option of prescribing chemo and radiation to stage IV cancer patients; nevertheless we would like to suggest that there is a need for a potent neutralizer such as BOSTON C herb that must be included in the treatment to water down the toxic side effects of these deadly chemicals! We have in our records some lucky cancer patients who took Boston-C while having chemotherapy and they are still alive today.

Boston-C Plus Chemo At Radiation Perfect Cure For Cancers

Huwag po tayong pakasisiguro sa bisa ng chemo at radiation, buhay pa sana ang 16 na cancer victims na aking isinulat, walang dahilan upang sila ay mamatay kung pagbabasihan natin ang bisa ng chemo. Kayang kaya nilang magbayad, kahit pa milyon ang halaga ng chemo. Si Steve Jobs isang dakilang inventor, nasa kanya na ang lahat ng magagaling na Doktor, nagpagamot sa pinakasikat na ospital at gumamit ng pinakamahal na gamot laban sa cancer. Nagbayad siya ng milyong dolyar, gumaling ba sya sa chemo, radiation, transplant at stem cell? Kung ang labing walo na mga kilalang tao na aking hinalimbawa na gumamit ng chemotherapy at radiation ay hindi gumaling, lahat ng susunod na pasyente ay hindi rin gagaling. Bakit? Anong uri ng Chemo ang ibibigay sa iyo na makakapagpagaling sa iyong cancer na hindi nakapagpagaling sa mga sikat na tao na nagchemo. Iisa lang ang chemo na gagamitin sa kanila at sa iyo, ano ang basehan at ikaw ay gagaling at silang mapepera ay namatay. Sila man sa simula ay guminhawa, lumakas at nawala ang bukol dahil sa chemo. Subalit sa bandang huli ay namatay din! Huwag kang matakot dahil dito sa Boston-C clinic marami ang nagchemo at radiation subalit sinamahan nila ng paginom ng Boston-C Herbs, sa awa ng Diyos ay buhay pa silang lahat.

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