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Mr. Antonio “Boss Ton” R. Agustin was born on January 17, 1949 at Lomboy, La Paz, Tarlac. He was born of humble means and is the eldest of a brood of four (4).

After finishing high school, he decided to seek his fortune in Manila. He worked in the morning and went to school at night. He finished a course in BSC Marketing from the Lyceum of the Philippines. In 1988, he put up his own company that manufactured fruit juices and Nata de Coco. In 1995, he invented his first herbal drink supplement called Boston-C. He has invented four (4) more herbal drink supplements, the latest of which is Katoni Herbs. He has authored two (2) books that serve as an inspiration to those who want to better their lives and attain good fortune. The books were written in Tagalog, the national language of the Philippines. The titles are “Ang Ebangelio Ng Pangangalakal Ayon Sa Isang Supergaling Na Negosyante” (The Gospel Of Business According To A Super Excellent Businessman” and ” Ang Secreto Ng Pag-unlad Ng Isang Supergaling na Tindero/Tindera” (The Secret Of Success Of Supersalesmen/ Supersaleswoman). His daughter, Dr. Farrah Agustin, is incharge of his clinic in Tarlac. He has plans to put up a hospital.

The life of Ton Agustin will serve as a fitting example of someone who rose from humble beginnings to achieve his dreams of financial success.

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